Jose Candia - Partner/Pack-Leader


Partner and Pack-Leader Jose Candia has had a life-long love for and devotion to dogs. Since a child growing up in the Caribbean, Jose has been nurturing and training not just his own dogs, but also those of his friends and family.

Jose moved to the states with his family in 1996 and, over the last two decades, has cultivated his career in the high-end hospitality industry, while simultaneously becoming an avid organic gardener (he has his own greenhouse!) and enthusiast of a healthy, green lifestyle. All the while, he has remained a tried and true dog-lover.

With the opening of Brooklyn Canine Club (BCC), Jose is able to go back to his roots and devote himself full-time to the well-being of hundreds of dogs from his own community, while ensuring his service-oriented expertise and devotion to green living are front and center.

BCC will offer not just a full-line of natural and organic products, but also living walls, which can reduce allergies via particulate reduction and increased oxygen, as well as improve resistance to cold, flu and itchiness by hydrating the membranes and tissues of your dog’s nose, mouth, ears and eyes.

Jose is certified in Animal Care & Handling from the city of New York and is not at all offended when it is suggested that he enjoys the company of dogs over humans.

Brooklyn Veterinary Group - Partner


 BCC is also proud to announce the full trust and partnership of the Brooklyn Veterinary Group (www.brooklynvetgroup.com).  

Brooklyn Veterinary Group was founded on the concept that a team approach – that is, that all members of the veterinary group bring different strengths to the practice. This concept has resulted in a practice with very diverse service offerings including surgery, dentistry, EKGs, medical boarding, X-rays, spaying/neutering, exotic animal care, and more. 

Conveniently located next to their Bay Ridge location, BCC is thrilled to have the support of an amazing team of veterinary professionals!